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Ski school Raška was founded in 2017, representing the trademark of the municipality of Raška, where our best instructors come from, and on whose territory the Kopaonik ski resort is located. The ski school program is characterized by well-organized dynamics of each ski and snowboard class with maximum efficiency, as well as customized individual and group classes for children. The lessons are organized by learning through play and work on a modified ski slope in the form of a polygon, all with the goal of helping your children acquire motor skills, develop social relationships, independence and healthy habits. The program of the ski school is realized for you by our selected instructors who improve every year and follow the steps of modern ski training in the field of methodology and demonstration. In addition to the quality of lessons and as a priority of the ski school, our instructors have the task to adjust the class to each student and make it fun, thus enabling students to enjoy skiing and snowing from the very beginning.

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About Kopaonik

Kopaonik, as the largest Serbian massif which is located in the center of the southern part of Serbia, stretches for 82 kilometers in a north-south direction and 63 kilometers in width. The first cable car in the ski center Kopaonik was built in 1964 according to the type of one-seater cable car that transported skiers from the center to Pančić’s peak. Today, the Kopaonik ski center is considered to be the most developed ski center in Serbia and has 25 lifts and 2 conveyor belts, 39 groomed alpine trails, and the total length of the ski trails is 35,500 m.

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